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What’s that smell??? ***Guest Connect 2013 (Lotuphere) Post by Rob Axelrod***

Rob Axelrod   January 18 2013 01:10:41 PM
It is the smell that gets me. I’ve been all over the world and in hundreds of hotels and nowhere else in the whole wide world smells exactly like the Dolphin & Swan hotels. Maybe it is the chlorine churned up by the fountain or the stale drinks from the night before in the lobby bar or the scent of sizzling cow flesh  from Shula’s Steak House but what it really smells like is Lotusphere. Even on the couple of occasions that I have been to the hotels for non-Lotus events the smell immediately brings me back to any or all of the 18 years I have spent a week in late January or early February in Orlando. It is a crazy déjà vu that washes over me every time I walk into the place, because even though I’m a completely different person than I was that first time in 1995 so much at the conference hasn’t changed, especially the smell.

The thread of consistency in Lotusphere continues even with a name change to Connect and even when it seems like we are entering into uncharted ground with so much emphasis on cloud email and collaboration services (CECS), including my session which will be on integrating your Domino environment with the cloud. The truth is that the cloud is where we have been headed with Lotus technologies all along, long before it was called the cloud. In 1994 before most companies had internet email how did companies doing business with each other interconnect for email without complex integration? Most of our clients were using NotesNet and cross-certification with other companies to allow for replication and mail routing. Then in 1996 I went out on tour for Lotus to pitch Notes Public Networks. Even though all of the world’s largest telecoms were players none of them  really ever reached critical mass because they came too soon. The network connectivity wasn’t there and people couldn’t get their heads around having someone else secure their data yet.  Are we there yet? Are we ready to take our email and collaboration to the cloud? For many organizations there is tremendous value in that move but definitely not for all.

This year at Connect 2013 my session is going to cover how to integrate your existing Domino environment into your cloud infrastructure from a messaging, security and application standpoint (Monday at 3:45 in S. Hem I in the Dolphin). If you are at Connect and are investigating where cloud computing from Google, Microsoft or IBM fits in your environment definitely stop by the session or find me to talk. We have done migrations for organizations from a few hundred users to ten thousand to a variety of cloud solutions and would love to chat about the experience.

See you in Orlando!


01:10:41 PM January 18 2013