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The Cloud Now and a webinar

Andy Pedisich   January 12 2015 03:36:07 PM
My, how the landscape has changed.  It's good to evolve and most are re-evaluating, trying to read the tea leaves to see the future.  Will we go cloud?  And if we do, which one?

Our customers, new and old, are very focussed on the cloud. Over the last year we have seen lots of movement.  To be fair, it's obvious that there are just a few major players, with wide scopes of features to fit a variety of budgets and corporate cultures.

Because of these changes to the collaboration space, Technotics has evolved from being a predominantly IBM focussed services company to one that also works with other technologies from Microsoft and Google.  We're doing migrations to Office 365 and Google Apps.  We are experts in SSO and in synchronizing directories across multiple platforms. We're project managers, developers, and administrators that have experience working out the kinks with unique customer requirements.  We've been involved with migrations from Exchange on premises to Office 365. And we still do plenty of IBM Notes and Domino projects.

In our experience, a universal question among companies exploring a switch of collaboration platforms seems to be around what to do with the Notes/Domino apps that have become second nature to your business. It's a legitimate question that can have far reaching ramifications. There is no single answer.  It depends totally on the extent of the applications, their usage, and the options at hand.

That being said, I've run into a  webinar about re-tooling that includes answering questions about what applications you have and what to do with them. It's next Wednesday, January 14th at 9:30am EST / 3:30pm CET. You'll learn about the steps you can take to ensure a successful Application clean-up or Migration Project.

It's free, and it's a good kick start to the brain. Cooperteam has been working in this space for a while.  They are worth checking out.  I like them because I share their logic about making the move in a well informed manner with a low risk profile.

I've always liked learning.  And one of the most sometimes chaotic things about working in technology is that is never ceases to move forward. Keeps you on your toes, doesn't it?


03:36:07 PM January 12 2015