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Technotics launches new web site - announces new cloud services

Andy Pedisich   January 17 2012 03:18:36 PM

It's why mammals are still around and the dinosaurs are only in movies.

We are proud to announce that we've launched a new Technotics web site at http://www.technotics.com.  It has a new look, a new feel, and if you look carefully you'll see that Technotics has brought in a new set of cloud services.

Actually it's a line of business we've been into for well over a year, but before we could package it as a service we wanted to make sure that we had enough engagements under our belt to understand the core services that would be provided.  

You might find our approach to be a little different from other vendors.

First, because we're vendor agnostic, it means we can start off by helping you to create requirements to help solidify your choice of a cloud vendor or if moving to the cloud is the right option at all.

Each of the vendors has particular strengths and weaknesses that map differently to each organization. We can help you to pick the vendor that best fits the way you do business. One of the ways we accomplish that goal is with our "Executive Cloud Collaboration Workshop".  It's a targeted interactive event that will help key stakeholders in your organization understand the advantages and challenges of moving to a cloud based collaboration infrastructure.

We'll discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of the top vendors in the cloud space. The workshop can be tailored to either a line of business or technical audience and can cut through the hype that is so prevalent around the cloud.

Once the decision is made, we can help you to evaluate your network infrastructure and related systems to make sure it they are robust enough and positioned optimally to support the demands of an Internet based messaging solution.

Since the the process of moving between email systems won't happen overnight, you can expect a period of transition during which both systems will need to interact as transparently a possible. This period of coexistence is where the most challenges will be met. We design project plans that both minimize the disruption of co-existence as well as minimize the time period where these risks are incurred.

In any transition to the cloud there are more issues to consider, like security and single sign on, migration of existing email, user provisioning, and others that might be particular to the unique way you conduct your business.

Fortunately, you can lean on Rob Axelrod and me to get you through this process.  If you are reading my blog you know about our experience in IT and collaboration but you may not know about our experience in outsourcing and cloud migrations. In addition to our recent experience moving customers to the cloud we have a long history of helping customers move to hosted solutions. Before joining Technotics 9 years ago, Rob was Director of the Lotus Consulting Practice and later the Director of Operations for the Lotus Hosting Platform for one of the early mail hosting providers that was a predecessor of today’s cloud offerings.

Evolve your company.  Explore the possibilities with us, and reinvent yourself while you're at it!


03:18:36 PM January 17 2012