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New PUBNAMES.NTFs released by Lotus to help with desktop policy issue

Andy Pedisich   April 14 2008 12:53:00 PM
Lotus has released two new PUBNAMES.NTF templates to fix the desktop policy problems that that can happen to Release 6 and 7 clients.  

There are two versions, one for R8.0 and one for R8.0.1.

This is great news for me!  I will be rolling out the 8.0.1 release tonight on a client's pilot server.

By the way, I upgraded two production servers to R8.0.1 over the weekend and didn't get any support calls today.  Perhaps their phones are broken?  It was a nice gift.  

This is the first day since last Tuesday that I have not had a fever.  It didn't stop me from working, much to Linda's chagrin.

- Andy

12:53:00 PM April 14 2008