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    Moving VMWare VMs from PC to Mac

    Andy Pedisich   November 25 2014 10:08:25 AM
    Like so many of us in Tech, I use a lot of virtual machines daily.  I wanted to move all my VM's I have on my Laptop to a new MAC.  

    I did a ton of searching on how this is done and came up with the VMWare Standalone Converter, which I downloaded and attempted to install on my Windows 7 64 bit machine.  It failed toward the end of the install.  My OCD kicked in and I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall several times, getting more frustrated each time.  

    And even though it was a lousy install I tried to use it a bunch of times to convert my Vmware Vms to VMWare Fusion on the Mac.  How's that for an obsessive reaction!

    Enter Rob from the office to my right.  He already went through this kind of PC to Mac transition about a year ago.  I explained my situation and a light bulb seemed to go off in his head, just like in Looney Tunes Road Runner cartoons.

    We plugged an external drive into my Windows 7 machine, copied the VM's I wanted to it, and plugged the external drive to my MAC. Then we copied the Vms from the drive to the Mac.  Then we did the thing that saved my mind.  We changed added the following file extension to the VM folder names:  vmwarevm.

    Done deal.  Clicked on the folder.  Up comes the VM and I am off to the races.

    Thanks for the tip, Rob!

    And, of course, I am starting a new life with the Mac.


    10:08:25 AM November 25 2014