Head in a blender

Just in time

Andy Pedisich   January 12 2015 08:12:37 PM
In December my laptop was getting slow.  It would take a pause in the middle of whatever else I might be doing.  I started paying more attention to it, checking event log daily and trying to spot what the issue might be.  Then, a blue screen happened.

The event log showed a corrupted NTFS partition.  Not all the time.  Then it showed a DVD error.  I started shopping.

I settled on a Mac Book Pro and started off loading all my stuff, putting in VMWare Fusion, creating a Windows 8.1 VM along with a couple of other Vms ported over from the old system that had VPNs and other specialty stuff on them.

Today, my laptop made an awful sound.  Not a beep, mind you.  Just a kind of bad mechanical sound.  Then it crashed.  Then it recovered. Crashed again.  I'm currently running Microsoft Safety Scanner in Safe Mode.  Safety Scanner is a freebie from Microsoft that you should be acquainted with.  It has found issues in the past that other AV products missed.  It will likely run another couple of hours.

I don't really think it's software.  Based on the noises, I think it's the fact that my Windows laptop was born October 3rd,  2009. If it doesn't have any disk issues, maybe I'll pick up a new DVD for it.  For now, it's one of the usual suspects.  Been through a lot.  Plenty of trips through the TSA.  Lots of hot days and cold auditoriums. And me along with it.  If only it were just as easy to shop for a new body for me.



08:12:37 PM January 12 2015