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Installing the 8.5 basic client fp1

Andy Pedisich  August 13 2009 02:36:44 PM
I have to admit that I fell on top of this one.

I'm tasked with developing a Smart Upgrade kit for one of my nicest clients.  They want the basic client and FP1 installed.  

The client part was a snap using the OEM tuner for Lotus Notes.  But how do you do the fixpack so that the user isn't prompted to click on all those pesky NEXT buttons.  There must be a parameter someplace.

I renamed the incredibly long fixpack file name to BASIC85FP1.EXE to make it easier to work with and then entered this at the command line, figuring maybe I could coax an error message out of it.


This popped up!

Image:Installing the 8.5 basic client fp1

BASIC85FP1 NOUSER gives you a nice install with something for the user to watch, but doesn't ask the user to participate.

BASIC85FP1 NOUI just takes off, does its thing, and finishes.

Running the FixPack several times just installs the FP and reverts back to no FP.

Just thought I'd share!

- Andy

1Uwe Brahm  8/14/2009 4:28:12 PM  Installing the 8.5 basic client fp1

Thanks for sharing. Very useful.

2Kevin Urbanek  8/15/2009 1:37:41 PM  Installing the 8.5 basic client fp1

Use the InstallShield switches. I believe the only switch we used on the fixpack was /q

ex. fp1.exe /q