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Here’s a straight up quickie from Paul Mooney and Gab Davis presentation AdminBlast!

Andy Pedisich   February 26 2013 03:25:38 PM
If you've ever had a failover and users got angry because it took a long time for the email on the failover to happen, this tip is for you.

Tip #26: Cluster servers and view indexes
Clustering works
Failover works
Can be an issue in active/passive clustering environment
–Users waiting for $Inbox / $All view to update when using an “unused” mail file
Run an updall program
Load updall mail\ -c -t ($All)
Load updall mail\ -c -t ($Inbox)

Never mind that your configuration prevented an outage for those users.  Doing this on a regular basis will keep those mail files ready for a failover.


03:25:38 PM February 26 2013