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Got a new cert

Andy Pedisich   July 29 2014 09:31:00 PM
About a week ago I completed a new level in IBM certs.  I passed the IBM Smartcloud Notes Hybrid Config and Onboard Data Transfer test.

I had to take a special training course to be allowed to take this exam.  This means that Technotics is now authorized to assist customers with creating a hybrid environment and moving to the cloud.

I've learned details of rolling out a hybrid environment using on-premises Notes domains and the IBM SmartCloud technology.  This includes designing and developing the infrastructure, migrating all or selected parts of mail files into the IBM SmartCloud, and skills in managing the whole project.

I've done plenty of Domain consolidations in my career.  And I've done plenty of migrations.  It's very nice to be in a position to assist those who want to move all or part of their Notes domain to the Smartcloud. It's a good move for those that want to leave the infrastructure management business to someone else.

Along the way to take the course and the cert exam I had to build a new Domino lab environment from scratch for me to work with. I do this often, but rarely with the target of blending into a hybrid environment.  I got some "real life" experience of preparing mail files and uploading them to the cloud.  

I was tasked to build several Domino servers with different roles, which I chose to create them in Amazon's EC2.  It was an enriching experience.  I don't think I will ever purchase another server.  It was way too cool to build it and configure it on EC2.  I'm still quite a newbie at it, but I'll never purchase another server for the office.


09:31:00 PM July 29 2014