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Fixpack 3 for 8.5.3 has been released - no wait, that’s FP1!

Andy Pedisich   March 26 2012 10:25:15 AM
It's FP1 for 8.5.3!  (I was sleepy when I wrote this.)

This one fixes an issue that was really bugging me.  When a Release 8.5.3 client accesses their mail file on an R8.5.2 server, they sometimes get the error message, "Error Accessing Product Object Method."


I have a workaround for it using an undocumented method, but using this fixpack is a better solution.

      On Error GoTo MyBad
      Dim session As New NotesSession
      Dim db As New NotesDatabase("","")
      Dim doc As NotesDocument
      Dim item As NotesItem
      Set db = New NotesDatabase("Admin/servers/domlab","mail\apedisic.nsf")
      Call db.EnableDbOptions(2,True)
      MessageBox "done"

Note that the EnableDBOptions is an undocumented method.



Note that this is a simply a flag that tells the mail router that some kind of autoprocessing option is turned on.  It not a specific setting that is being turned on, it just tells the router to look in the calendar profile to determine what things should be autoprocessed.  The router might discover that copies of a meeting invitation must be sent to admin assistants, for example.  If the bit is turned off the router takes no action at all and just delivers the message.

I just installed FP3 on a couple of workstations. I'll keep you posted if stuff breaks.

- Andy

10:25:15 AM March 26 2012