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Fix Pack 2 for Release 8.5.2 is available

Andy Pedisich   March 28 2011 02:29:28 PM
New fixpacks are kind of an anomaly.  Just when you think everybody knows about one being released, you find someone who is surprised to know it's happened.

This newest one was released last week.

Go to http://www-933.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/ for the details.

Will you be the cutting edge (and sometimes bruised and sweaty) admin who just goes ahead and applies it to production servers?

Or will you be the more cautious type who waits a little to see if anything breaks?

I've done both.  And I've learned not to rush these things.  

But, hey...  test environment on my laptop, get ready for Fix Pack 2!  The problem with that is you just don't get the pressure put on the server that you need to really see what's going on.

The absolute best way to deal with changes in your domain is to have a full time production server with only 25 to 50 people on it.  We often refer to it as a "friends and family" server.  It's a server where all the users are technically pretty savvy and understand that someone has to be the first human to taste-test the King's dinner, just to make sure it hasn't been poisoned.  We use that server to introduce stuff into the domain all the time.

If it's OK for Friends and Family in a proof of concept run, I'm ready to take it to pilot stage where we put it maybe on a real mail server, the Administration server for the address book, and maybe an SMTP server.  If that works, I'm off to do the entire environment.

There are 127 fixes in Fix Pack 2.

Risk is bad.  Caution is good.



02:29:28 PM March 28 2011