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Another case of dropping AV software from Domino servers

Andy Pedisich   April 10 2012 11:34:27 AM
I'll leave you to decide whether this makes sense to you.

We found out recently that another Notes shop decided to completely rip out the anti-virus software running as a Domino task on their Domino servers.  This was for two reasons.  

First, to ensure that performance was at it's best.  They had just been through a seemingly random instance of performance drop offs for their mail servers and were stripping stuff out in an effort to locate where the bottleneck was.  It wasn't the Anti-Virus software though. It was actually something caused by a recent upgrade of their BES server.

Second, to help get them to that place in their minds where they wondered if they could live without the AV software on Domino, they checked whatever history they had to see if there had been any instances where the Domino AV software had actually found a virus, malware, or other malicious stuff.

Nope. It hadn't.  All the bad stuff was caught by perimeter based AV systems that checked all mail, in and out, and by the AV software on the desktop level.

At that point, it seemed odd to continue using it.  So, it's gone.

It sure makes sense to me.


11:34:27 AM April 10 2012