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About anonymous mail files and missing views

Andy Pedisich   October 31 2014 03:09:34 PM
I've been seeing a problem that seems to happen relatively often.

There are mail files that suddenly seem to lose their minds.  

Image:About anonymous mail files and missing views

Instead of the traditional username,  mail server name, and unread message count, they suddenly display "Anonymous" instead of the username.  And along with this they generally complain about missing views.  When I researched this on the web, I found many explanations for causes and cures.  

Cures ranged from completely uninstalling and reinstalling the Notes client to blowing away the bookmark.nsf.

I don't like either of those solutions. It takes time to uninstall and reinstall.  Reinstall generally doesn't work unless you blow away all the system data files of the old install.  And you just can't get that time back.  And I like my bookmarks.  It's taken me years of hoarding to build that thing into the masterpiece of obsession that it is today.

What I like to do is to simply remove the mail file icon.  Then exit Notes.  Then re-enter Notes and put the mail file back on your workspace. Problem gone.

In all cases I had the following discussions with the user:

Me: When did this start happening?
User: This morning when I started Notes.
Me: What have you tried?
User: Uninstalling and reinstalling, but it was still happening.
Me: Anything unusual happen, like did you get an update from Microsoft?
User: Oh, right.  Last night there was an update and my system rebooted itself.
Me: You mean Microsoft rebooted your system after the update?
User: Yeah.  I didn't restart it. I noticed I had to logon this morning so it must have been automatic.

There you have it, folks. To sum up, Microsoft does an update and shuts down everything running, including Notes.  Since the desktop is hot, it goes down dirty and corrupts the mail file icon.  Removing and re-adding the mail file icon does a quick repair job on it.


03:09:34 PM October 31 2014