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8.5.3 FP1 does not fix issue with "Error Accessing Product Object Method" in all situations

Andy Pedisich   April 9 2012 09:02:37 AM
Right, still getting it the error.

This, of course, is the error "Error Accessing Product Object Method".  Users see it when they open their mail files using an R8.5.3 client on an R8.5.2 server.

I can fix it with code so that the error doesn't show when you open the mail file, but some users still see it when they go to their mail preferences.

I'd love to have some code to tell me if the problem is going to happen on a given mail file.  That would at least limit the risk and we could focus on a solution and not worry about every single mail file potentially.

IBM's solution is to bump all the users up to Designer, but that's going to happen.



PS: Grrrr....

09:02:37 AM April 9 2012