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IBM Updates List of Certified Cloud Onboarding Specialists

Andy Pedisich  January 24 2015 02:46:10 PM
Last year I took a very intense instructor led course in IBM Smartcloud Notes Hybrid Config and Onboard Data Transfer.  As part of the course I built my own lab of "on premise" Domino servers, synchronized the Domino address book with the Cloud and learned how to move the data with the highest amount of safety and security.  

Building out my own lab environment was a very effective learning tool.  The hands-on approach really solidified my knowledge.

IBM has updated their official site listing all the certified partners, with Technotics now on the list!  

Ok, we're near the bottom of the list, but we are still on the list.  (Curse you, alphabetical order!)

- Andy


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Just in time

Andy Pedisich  January 12 2015 08:12:37 PM
In December my laptop was getting slow.  It would take a pause in the middle of whatever else I might be doing.  I started paying more attention to it, checking event log daily and trying to spot what the issue might be.  Then, a blue screen happened.

The event log showed a corrupted NTFS partition.  Not all the time.  Then it showed a DVD error.  I started shopping.

I settled on a Mac Book Pro and started off loading all my stuff, putting in VMWare Fusion, creating a Windows 8.1 VM along with a couple of other Vms ported over from the old system that had VPNs and other specialty stuff on them.

Today, my laptop made an awful sound.  Not a beep, mind you.  Just a kind of bad mechanical sound.  Then it crashed.  Then it recovered. Crashed again.  I'm currently running Microsoft Safety Scanner in Safe Mode.  Safety Scanner is a freebie from Microsoft that you should be acquainted with.  It has found issues in the past that other AV products missed.  It will likely run another couple of hours.

I don't really think it's software.  Based on the noises, I think it's the fact that my Windows laptop was born October 3rd,  2009. If it doesn't have any disk issues, maybe I'll pick up a new DVD for it.  For now, it's one of the usual suspects.  Been through a lot.  Plenty of trips through the TSA.  Lots of hot days and cold auditoriums. And me along with it.  If only it were just as easy to shop for a new body for me.



The Cloud Now and a webinar

Andy Pedisich  January 12 2015 03:36:07 PM
My, how the landscape has changed.  It's good to evolve and most are re-evaluating, trying to read the tea leaves to see the future.  Will we go cloud?  And if we do, which one?

Our customers, new and old, are very focussed on the cloud. Over the last year we have seen lots of movement.  To be fair, it's obvious that there are just a few major players, with wide scopes of features to fit a variety of budgets and corporate cultures.

Because of these changes to the collaboration space, Technotics has evolved from being a predominantly IBM focussed services company to one that also works with other technologies from Microsoft and Google.  We're doing migrations to Office 365 and Google Apps.  We are experts in SSO and in synchronizing directories across multiple platforms. We're project managers, developers, and administrators that have experience working out the kinks with unique customer requirements.  We've been involved with migrations from Exchange on premises to Office 365. And we still do plenty of IBM Notes and Domino projects.

In our experience, a universal question among companies exploring a switch of collaboration platforms seems to be around what to do with the Notes/Domino apps that have become second nature to your business. It's a legitimate question that can have far reaching ramifications. There is no single answer.  It depends totally on the extent of the applications, their usage, and the options at hand.

That being said, I've run into a  webinar about re-tooling that includes answering questions about what applications you have and what to do with them. It's next Wednesday, January 14th at 9:30am EST / 3:30pm CET. You'll learn about the steps you can take to ensure a successful Application clean-up or Migration Project.

It's free, and it's a good kick start to the brain. Cooperteam has been working in this space for a while.  They are worth checking out.  I like them because I share their logic about making the move in a well informed manner with a low risk profile.

I've always liked learning.  And one of the most sometimes chaotic things about working in technology is that is never ceases to move forward. Keeps you on your toes, doesn't it?



    Moving VMWare VMs from PC to Mac

    Andy Pedisich  November 25 2014 10:08:25 AM
    Like so many of us in Tech, I use a lot of virtual machines daily.  I wanted to move all my VM's I have on my Laptop to a new MAC.  

    I did a ton of searching on how this is done and came up with the VMWare Standalone Converter, which I downloaded and attempted to install on my Windows 7 64 bit machine.  It failed toward the end of the install.  My OCD kicked in and I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall several times, getting more frustrated each time.  

    And even though it was a lousy install I tried to use it a bunch of times to convert my Vmware Vms to VMWare Fusion on the Mac.  How's that for an obsessive reaction!

    Enter Rob from the office to my right.  He already went through this kind of PC to Mac transition about a year ago.  I explained my situation and a light bulb seemed to go off in his head, just like in Looney Tunes Road Runner cartoons.

    We plugged an external drive into my Windows 7 machine, copied the VM's I wanted to it, and plugged the external drive to my MAC. Then we copied the Vms from the drive to the Mac.  Then we did the thing that saved my mind.  We changed added the following file extension to the VM folder names:  vmwarevm.

    Done deal.  Clicked on the folder.  Up comes the VM and I am off to the races.

    Thanks for the tip, Rob!

    And, of course, I am starting a new life with the Mac.