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Resource reservations

Andy Pedisich  June 10 2014 03:22:32 PM
You can't change resource documents or add a new reservation if the server you're on is not the administration server for the R&R database.  Hold that thought.

If the ACL says that the admin server (the one with the key icon) is DominoTest1/Test and the actual name of the server is DominoTEST1/TEST, you won't be able to add a new reservation or change resource documents.  That's because the Lotusscript that does the comparison between the the name on the ACL and the db.server property don't do non-upper and lower case comparison.  They do a direct comparison.  And if the case doesn't match, everything stops.

I had forgotten all about that until this afternoon when it got up and bit me.



Added staging names to Connect 2014 downloadables

Andy Pedisich  June 4 2014 04:55:32 PM
If you're doing domain consolidations, I've added the Staging Names address book that I use.

It has some agents that might be helpful.

We've done quite a few major domain consolidations over the past year.  We seem to custom make tools for different consolidation situations, but this staging directory is pretty central.

Hit the Connect 2014 resources link to download the staging address book.



Recent contacts changing outbound from address

Andy Pedisich  June 1 2014 07:00:00 PM
Heads up about another strange recent contacts action.

In my contacts, there is a recent contacts entry for a variation of my Notes name, Andrew Pedisich.  It's listed under my Notes email address, which is Andrew M Pedisich/Technotics.
Image:Recent contacts changing outbound from address
If I look at the properties of this document, I'll find a field called $DPABDIPNAME.
Image:Recent contacts changing outbound from address
There are 30 different alias prefixes names listed for my name in there.

Here's the thing.  I've found that when I send an outbound message to someone on the Internet, sometimes my outbound SMTP name prefix is changed from "Andrew M Pedisich" to one of the prefixes on one of these names.

That's not terrible, except Internet recipients don't have a clue as to who pedisa00 is.  
Or they are surprised by the fact that I now spell my last name Pedisish.
Or they think it's humorous that I now identify myself as "Andy at work."

I've received mail for messages that used all those prefixes at one time or another, so they truly are legitimate.

It doesn't save the sent message using the "new" prefix.  I only know about it from looking at replies to messages I sent out to the Internet.

If you see off-the-wall aliases, check recent contacts.



Retire a Domino domain but still route mail addressed to it

Andy Pedisich  May 20 2014 08:51:04 PM
You want to collapse two domains into one.  Then at the end, you'd like to remove all servers from the OldDomain from the environment. All you want to have around are servers in the NewDomain.

Before I go on, I have to say that I did not dream this one up. On the contrary, my solution to this problem in the past was to keep around an old desktop workstation installed with the Domino server.  I'd set it up in the OldDomain and route mail to it and then back out into the NewDomain environment.  Worked great!  But there was always this vague sense of guilt that I was using up hardware to solve a software issue.

This configuration was proposed to me in a domain where I was about to make the same old move.  Someone brighter than me just up and did it, and it works like a charm.

The deal is, people will have mail in their mail files that they received when OldDomain was in existence. Example: Mail would come from Bob Gnarley@OldDomain into my mail file in NewDomain.  I'd reply to it, and Bob would get the email routed to him in OldDomain because of connection documents in place in NewDomain.

When OldDomain was gone, and Bob was moved to NewDomain, I'd still want to reply to the old emails for a while.  The solution was a surprise to me, but you might be using it already.

First, create a Foreign Domain document for the Foreign domain name OldDomain.
Image:Retire a Domino domain but still route mail addressed to it

Next, configure the Mail information tab with a Gateway Server name of a server that currently exists and is reachable by everyone in your domain. For the Gateway Mail File Name use Mail.box.
Image:Retire a Domino domain but still route mail addressed to it

That's it. The end. Done.  Finished.

I can already hear, "Oh right.  Been using that for years.  Old hat.  Who didn't see that one coming?"